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Homeschool Complete Unit Study: Pioneers

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How can a glittering cloud destroy crops? How does disobedience affect future events as well as relationships?

How would it feel to have grasshoppers crawling all over you or to listen to them chewing? Learn the parts of a grasshopper, and recognize the impact of grasshoppers on crops. Learn about weather and types of storms. Discover ways communities work together for the common good of the group. Use a Venn diagram to compare the characters’ physical descriptions and personality traits. Design a coordinate map of the prairie, and play coordinate tic-tac-toe. Write an autobiographical story and a cinquain. Use the five senses to compare a plum and a prune. Use charts and graphs to record and display information. Do a demonstration, grow crystals, construct a barometer, and create a rainbow. Use a variable to represent an unknown value. Represent rational numbers as a fraction or decimal. Write numbers in expanded form. Create a floor plan, and build a model home.

This unit includes written information about pioneers and uses On The Banks of Plum Creek as a literary focus.

Skills List

Sample Lesson

Sample Worksheet

Grade levels: 3-6

This is a 134 page, three-week unit.

Student workbook pages are designed to reinforce the daily concepts and are included within the unit.


Documentation of skills taught within the unit study

Detailed lesson plans

Step-by-step instructions for teaching your child

Activities for different learning styles

Enrichment activities to challenge advanced learners

Handwriting guidelines

Worksheets for practice with each lesson

Reading practice pages

Literature List

Materials List

Templates for resources:

  • Calendar
  • Writing Rubric
  • Spelling Squares
  • Place Value Board
  • Base Ten Pieces
  • Bingo Game Board
  • Pattern Blocks
  • United States Map
  • World Map
  • Square Tiles
  • Hangman Game Board
  • Sink the Ship Game Board

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