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Social Studies concepts create the themes for the units within Kindergarten Complete. The questions for discussion of the concepts incorporate new vocabulary words that become part of your child’s usable vocabulary and stimulate higher-level thinking skills. The included enrichment activities reinforce the skills being taught in a fun or challenging way.

  • Develop an understanding that families are God’s plan, and that each member is unique.
  • Know name, address, phone number, and names of family members.
  • Develop a positive attitude toward family and friends.
  • Understand that people are made in God’s image and that He gave us feelings.
  • Understand that everyone has worth.
  • Develop an understanding of a parent’s responsibility to care for a child.
  • Gain an appreciation of family heritage.
  • Develop an understanding of community helpers and specific services they perform.
  • Learn about different types of transportation, and compare to early transportation in the U.S.
  • Recognize the importance of following guidelines and being responsible.
  • Develop an understanding of basic safety and emergency procedures.
  • Recognize and celebrate important holidays.
  • Learn about historical figures.
  • Locate states on a United States map.