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Homeschool Complete Unit Study: Colonies

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What is wampum? Why are there thirteen stripes on our flag? Whose life did Pocahontas beg her father to save?

Design and make a model colony, and plot locations on a coordinate graph. Make a bilbo catcher and a snow snake. Add suffixes to words. Learn about colonists who helped establish settlements in America. Correctly use punctuation at the end of sentences, and arrange words in alphabetical order. Read directions and follow a recipe to make pound cake. Construct a timeline of the years when the colonies were founded.

Skills List

Sample Lesson

Sample Worksheet

Grade levels: 1-2

This is a one-week, 56 page unit.

Student workbook pages are designed to reinforce the daily concepts and are included within the unit.

Documentation of skills taught within the unit study

Detailed lesson plans

Step-by-step instructions for teaching your child

Activities for different learning styles

Enrichment activities to challenge advanced learners

Handwriting guidelines

Worksheets for practice with each lesson

Reading practice pages

Literature List

Materials List

Templates for resources:

  • Calendar
  • Hundred Chart
  • Spelling Squares
  • Bingo Game Boards
  • Sight Word Flashcards
  • Telling Time Flashcards
  • Graph Paper

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