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Science concepts create the themes for the units within Second Grade Complete. The questions for discussion of the concepts incorporate new vocabulary words that become part of your child’s usable vocabulary and stimulate higher-level thinking skills. The included enrichment activities reinforce the skills in a fun or challenging way.

• Understand why animals migrate, and predict when migration may occur.
• Learn about magnets and magnetism.
• Learn about the human eyes and how we should take care of them.
• Learn about what causes an animal to become an endangered species and what can be done to help.
• Understand the importance of healthy living.
• Recognize the characteristics and habitats of various types of animals.
• Understand and model the stages of a water cycle.
• Understand that chunks of rocks come in many sizes and shapes.
• Learn about rainforests.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the life cycle of butterflies.
• Understand that the world was created by God, and how we should take care of it.
• Classify objects.
• Explore the world through observation and experimentation.
• Make predictions and draw conclusions based on patterns or evidence.