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Homeschool Complete Products

The hard work of planning is entirely done for you.

  • The design of this curriculum eliminates the need to write any lesson plans or create any activities.

Be confident you’re teaching the skills necessary in each grade level.

  • Our curricula aligns with accepted grade-level standards and exemplifies excellence in homeschool education.
  • The elementary program is well organized and purposeful so that academic gaps are avoided.

Simplify teaching with just one binder for all of the subject areas.

  • No more searching and combining textbooks to teach different subjects. It’s all included in one binder.
    • Language Arts [reading, spelling, communication (written and oral), grammar, vocabulary, handwriting]
    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Music
    • Art
    • Physical Development and Fitness
    • Character Development
    • Bible

Effectively teach multiple grades at the same time.

  • The structure of the Homeschool Complete curricula enables parents to integrate family learning and successfully teach multiple grade levels.

Increase your child’s comprehension and retention of the skills.

  • Our integrated, unit-study curriculum makes teaching more effective.

Develop your child’s independent learning skills.

  • Our curriculum encourages your child to take responsibility for his learning activities while still encouraging parent-child interaction.

Engage in meaningful conversations with your child.

  • Christian values and scripture throughout the lessons provide opportunities for parents to discuss their family’s biblical worldview.

Explore new ideas and inspire your child.

  • The thematic units appeal to the interests of children and provide a variety of activities for all learning styles.

Instill excitement about reading.

  • Our literature-based curriculum incorporates quality literature of different genres, authors, and illustrators.

Be prepared for yearly evaluations with the teacher’s manual that functions as a portfolio.

  • Our curriculum includes a comprehensive skills list and literature list as well as student worksheets that document your child’s progress and mastery.

Save time and money with one purchase.

  • Our all-inclusive curricula eliminates the need to purchase numerous textbooks and workbooks.