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5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum | Secular Program

Prepare your child for a bright future with our comprehensive 5th Grade homeschool curriculum. Designed specifically for homeschooling parents like you, our curriculum embraces a secular approach to education while promoting higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills.

About Our Curriculum
Our all-in-one, 5th grade curriculum is meticulously crafted to foster your child’s intellectual growth and creativity. It challenges young learners to go beyond memorization and encourages them to engage with the material in a meaningful way. With our curriculum, your child will not only meet but exceed the national educational standards for fifth grade.
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Fifth Grade Homeschool Secular Program | Deluxe Bundle Fifth Grade Complete Deluxe Bundle (Secular)

“I have seen great results and increased learning just in the first month of using this curriculum.”

List Price: $564.86
Bundle Price $529.99
Savings: $34.87
Fifth-Grade-Complete-Full-Year-Bundle | Secular Fifth Grade Complete Full Year Bundle (Secular)

“The included games and activities are grade-level-appropriate, and my child is excited about the daily lessons.”

List Price: $470.81
Bundle Price $439.99
Savings: $30.82
Fifth Grade Complete Semester One Curriculum Bundle for Secular Homeschool Fifth Grade Complete Semester One Bundle (Secular)

“It encourages my child to think, and many days he continues to read about the unit themes after the school day has ended.”

List Price: $298.78
Bundle Price $279.99
Savings: $18.79
Homeschool Complete: Fifth Grade Complete Semester Two Secular Curriculum Bundle Fifth Grade Complete Semester Two Bundle (Secular)

“There was no reason to shop any further once I found Homeschool Complete.”

List Price: $298.67
Bundle Price $279.99
Savings: $18.68
The fifth grade resource bundle includes  flashcards, games, magnet set, eye dropper, test tubes, Cuisenaire® rods, pattern blocks, base ten cubes, geosolids, protractor, ruler, dice, square tiles, charts, planners, journal, calendar Fifth Grade Complete Resource Bundle (Secular)

List Price: $201.25
Bundle Price $189.99
Savings: $11.26
Why Choose Our Curriculum?

All-in-One Package:
Streamline your lesson planning with a curriculum that covers all subjects, including math, science, language arts, social studies, and more.

Critical Thinking Focus: We emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving, preparing your child for real-world challenges.

Secular Education: Receive quality, well-rounded content that focuses on knowledge and analytical skills.

User-Friendly: The curriculum is easy for parents to teach and for students to understand. Clear instructions and engaging materials make homeschooling less daunting.

Adaptable to Any Pace: Whether your child is a fast learner or needs a little extra time, our curriculum is flexible to accommodate their individual learning pace.