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Art Secular Homeschool Curriculum Skills List | Second Grade

Art activities are designed to encourage the creative abilities of the child and to promote the development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

  • Continue to develop a basic art vocabulary.
  • Continue to develop small motor skills through cutting, gluing, painting, and folding.
  • Use the color wheel to identify and use secondary colors.
  • Identify and use color contrast.
  • Identify and use warm and cool colors.
  • Identify and use texture.
  • Look at and appreciate various works of art.
  • Learn about a famous artist’s style.
  • Create artwork in the style of a famous artist.
  • Compare art from various cultures.
  • Make a Native American drum.
  • Create colonial art.
  • Use various techniques and mediums to create original art.
    • sponge prints
    • painting
    • diorama
    • mosaic
    • collage
    • chalk
    • origami
  • Follow instructions and make a braided rag rug.
  • Make leaf-rubbing patterns.
  • Use clay to create a model sculpture.
  • Create a picture book in the style of a famous author and illustrator.
  • Use a camera and take pictures to document special moments and people.
  • Use art to tell a story.