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Music Secular Homeschool Curriculum Skills List | Fifth Grade

Music activities are designed to improve the child’s motor skills, listening skills, self-discipline, vocabulary and language skills, social skills, and cultural understanding. Studying music nurtures creativity and builds self-confidence as the child learns to coordinate his movements in rhythm to music.

  • Continue to develop a basic music vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate dynamics and tempo.
  • Listen to and sing various types of music: patriotic, folk, seasonal, spirituals.
  • Continue to improve coordination and express creativity through motions that keep time with music.
  • Develop an ability to understand a song’s message.
  • Repeat rhythmic patterns using clapping or instruments.
  • Perform written rhythmic patterns: whole note/rest, quarter note/rest, half note/rest, eighth note/rest.
  • Understand the meaning of a time signature in music.
  • Clap a rhythm pattern using a given time signature.
  • Learn the value of notes and rests.
  • Divide musical beats into measures.
  • Use musical notes to write the rhythm of a song.
  • Write a nursery rhyme and set it to a tune.
  • Sing a song about bones and muscles.
  • Create a rhythmic composition.