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Homeschool Unit Studies Complete Curriculum

A unit study is any topic or theme you focus on for an extended period of time, typically integrating multiple subject areas and plenty of hands-on activities to foster enjoyable learning experiences while also strengthening the child’s comprehension and retention. Homeschool Complete echoes this unique approach to education throughout our unit study curriculum, created to enrich your child’s homeschool experience by diving deeper into their individual interests.

Our homeschool unit studies include:

  • Fully-planned material with little to no daily prep.
  • The integration of quality literature books along with reading comprehension worksheets to facilitate teaching the content.
  • Unique opportunities for the child to learn subject matter through activities such as experiments, art projects, recipes, games, songs, and more.
  • Plans for all subject areas, such as language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, fine arts, physical development and fitness, character development, and Bible.
  • A step-by-step guide for teaching.
  • Literature and material supply lists.

The unit studies homeschool curriculum is written in the same format as our all-inclusive, year-long curricula and is designed to take one to three weeks to complete.