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All-in-One Secular Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Complete's all-inclusive curriculum is now available with a secular worldview.

Homeschool Complete is the perfect all-inclusive curriculum for homeschooling elementary-grade students. Our comprehensive homeschool curriculum with daily lesson plans makes it easy to create an enjoyable, immersive learning experience that promotes strong academics and attains lasting success. Homeschool Complete offers complete curriculums featuring materials and activities customized by grade level.
Our homeschool curriculum covers language arts, math, social studies, science, physical development, fitness, art, and music. Whether you are new to homeschooling or an experienced homeschooler, our comprehensive lesson plans provide thorough instruction and guidance so that you can confidently achieve your desired educational objectives.

Homeschool Complete supplies grade-specific lesson plans developed with input from parents and teachers and tailored to each subject’s standards. Lessons contain clearly outlined activities, written and visual resources, assessment strategies, challenge ideas, and more. Our curriculum ensures that any child can progress through their educational journey in a supportive and fun environment, building a strong foundation of knowledge as they journey through each year of homeschooling. We also provide professional guidance and step-by-step instructions about best practices for teaching your child, adjustments for students' learning styles, as well as assistance with staying organized throughout the year.

We understand that homeschoolers often have unique circumstances guiding their schedule—that’s why we strive to provide an all-inclusive package that allows parents freedom when creating individual schedules without leaving any important topics uncovered. Plus, our ‘skills taught’ chart and grab-and-go daily lesson plans enable parents to stay on track with their long-term goals while allowing maximum flexibility to adjust when needed. All of this combines perfectly into a complete elementary school curriculum provided by Homeschool Complete!

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