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Social Studies concepts create the themes for the units within Second Grade Complete. The questions for discussion of the concepts incorporate new vocabulary words that become part of your child’s usable vocabulary and stimulate higher-level thinking skills. The included enrichment activities reinforce the skills in a fun or challenging way.

• Know name, address, and phone number.
• Identify city, state, and country of residence.
• Understand that people are special to God and have feelings.
• Learn about America’s original colonies.
• Recognize and learn about the Northeast states.
• Learn about historical figures.
• Develop basic map skills.
• Use maps and photos to identify and locate major landmarks or major physical features of the United States.
• Develop an understanding of basic economic principles.
• Understand how people make economic choices.
• Classify materials as natural resources, capital resources, or human resources.
• Understand that people are special to God and have feelings.
• Compare and contrast pioneer lifestyle to today.
• Recognize contributions of famous missionaries.
• Understand the role of cowboys in settling the west.
• Recognize and learn about other continents.