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Grade-Level Skills List | Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

Welcome to Homeschool Complete, where we offer a comprehensive, structured and an easy to follow approach to elementary homeschooling. Whether you're looking for a faith-based or secular curriculum, our resources are crafted to make homeschooling a rewarding and effective experience. Designed specifically for homeschooling parents, our resources simplify the teaching process. With detailed lesson plans and clear guidelines, you'll feel confident in your ability to guide your child's education.

Grade-Level Skills

Our curriculum covers all essential skills for each grade-level, ensuring your child is meeting key educational standards. You can rest assured that our curriculum aligns with accepted grade-level standards, exemplifying excellence in homeschool education. Your child will be well-prepared for future academic success.

Take the first step towards a successful homeschooling experience. Explore our grade-level skills lists and find the perfect program for your child.

Click on a program below to access grade levels and view a complete list of the skills included: