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Homeschool Complete Unit Study: Baseball
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Which sport is known as America’s pastime? Why do you think it was originally called rounders? Who is “The Bambino”? Which player is honored by the jersey number 42?

Read about famous baseball players, the history of baseball, and the science behind the game.

Calculate baseball statistics, round decimal numbers to the nearest thousandth place, and display the data using graphs. Determine the probability of an event. Read numbers to the hundred millions place value, and write them in word and expanded form. Use the Associative Property of Addition to group and add numbers.

Properly use comparative and superlative adjectives. Learn new vocabulary by playing a vocabulary memory game and a bingo game. Identify the present and paste tense of a verb and concrete or abstract nouns. Recite a poem, and use a rubric to evaluate the presentation. Use a writing process, and write a report about a famous baseball player.

Develop the character traits of perseverance, integrity, and a commitment to be and do our best.

Make a diorama of a baseball field and stadium.

Learn the symptoms and effects of Lou Gehrig’s disease and Down syndrome. Observe cells using a microscope.

Grade levels: 4-6

This is a three-week, 140 page unit.

Student workbook pages are designed to reinforce the daily concepts and are included within the unit.

Sample Lesson

Skills List


Documentation of skills taught within the unit study

Detailed lesson plans

Step-by-step instructions for teaching your child

Activities for different learning styles

Enrichment activities to challenge advanced learners

Handwriting guidelines

Worksheets for practice with each lesson

Reading practice pages

Literature List

Materials List

Templates for resources:

  • Calendar
  • Hundred Chart
  • Sink the Ship Game Boards
  • Place Value Board
  • United States Map
  • World Map
  • Writing Rubric

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